6/17/19 Product Update

BSA Internet Advancement

Most BSA TroopTrack troops are now aware that BSA turned off Internet Advancement on June 10, 2019. TroopTrack has been working hard to find a solution and we have been in contact with the BSA to figure out new options for integration between TroopTrack and their new system. We have concluded that the best approach is to export the information in a file out of TroopTrack and to then upload that file back up to IA 2.0/Scoutbook. This functionality is still being tested and we will update our BSA troops when this feature is working and launched. Contact us at support@trooptrack.com if you have any questions.

New Features

Also, we have added the following features to TroopTrack:

  1. We have added event information, including event links, to event emails. This makes it easy for the email recipient to just click to go to the event.
  2. We have also changed the default level award for cub scouts so that the "Progress Report" for a den defaults to the right award.

If you have any ideas about features you'd like to see added next to TroopTrack, make sure you post them to https://community.trooptrack.com/c/new-ideas or if you have any other site feedback, please post to https://community.trooptrack.com/c/site-feedback


The TroopTrack Team