8/7/19 Product Update

BSA IA 2.0

With the recent updates the BSA made to their Internet Advancement systems, TroopTrack's TurboNet no longer connects as it previously did. We have made progress with TroopTrack's integration with the BSA's new Internet Advancement updates (IA 2.0/Scoutbook). TroopTrack has created a way for us to upload rank advancements TO council. You can see a video on how to do this here: https://community.trooptrack.com/t/internet-advancement-2-0/9069/14. TroopTrack is still in the process of adding a feature to synchronize FROM council. TroopTrack is confident we will have a solution but it is slower to release due to the lack of assistance from the BSA.

Trail Life TroopTrack Accounts

Starting July 13, 2019, all chartering and registration related features have moved to Trail Life Connect (https://traillifeconnect.com). Previously there were many special rules in place in TroopTrack just for Trail Life troops to enforce chartering and registration requirements. Because all these rules are now implemented in Trail Life Connect, they are no longer needed in TroopTrack and we are now removing them to enable the normal TroopTrack features to Trail Life accounts. This is an ongoing process as we add functionality back. Features we have fixed thus far:

  1. Adding members to Trail Life Troop accounts.
  2. Adding leadership roles
  3. Registered Trailmen
  4. Tracking achievements
  5. bulk achievements
  6. individual achievements
  7. editing personal info
  8. provisional progress
  9. access to same support resources as other TroopTrack accounts
  10. remove leader pages (this was a request from national)
  11. access to the dashboard
  12. ability to delete people
  13. ability to add members directly to patrols

If there are any other functionalities or features that we have missed, please make sure to bring it to our attention. Thanks for your patience with all of this during this transition period. Keep in mind that Trail Life and TroopTrack are completely separate entities and anything dealing specifically with Trail Life or Trail Life Connect you would need to reach out to Trail Life directly. You can contact them at contact@traillifeusa.com or by phone at (321)-247-7761.

AHG TroopTrack Accounts

Two weeks ago it was brought to our attention that some AHG troops see all custom awards in their various advancement menus rather than just their own. The TroopTrack team is still working on a fix for this.

Future Features

We are in the process of updating TroopTrack Mobile and expect to have a MAJOR announcement soon. Stay tuned.

Contact Us

If you have any ideas about features you'd like to see added next to TroopTrack, make sure you post them to https://community.trooptrack.com/c/new-ideas or if you have any other site feedback, please post to https://community.trooptrack.com/c/site-feedback


The TroopTrack Team