Product Update

We have fixed a handful of bugs this past week:

  1. Awards were getting stuck on “calculating”: Certain awards were getting stuck on "calculating" because they fulfilled other awards. This issue has now been fixed and our "award robot" now can go through and complete such awards.
  2. Safari browser update achievements error: Users on Safari browser were not able to update achievements. This was because the date fields were not working correctly and an achievement can not save with invalid information. The user doesn't see the error message, but when achievements were saved nothing happened. This is now fixed.
  3. Add members to an existing household bug: There was a bug for some Trail Life troops that wouldn’t allow some troop members to add brand new profiles to existing households during the profile creation process. The screen would just flash and not do anything when the save button was pressed. This is now fixed and these troops can now create profiles and add them to a new household or any existing household.
  4. Manually Recording Nights, Miles, or Hours: There was a bug that was impacting BSA Packs that was breaking the outside participation form on individual profiles. The outside participation form is how leadership can manually record nights, miles, and hours. This bug was not displaying the form as it should be. The hours and nights fields were broken. This is now fixed and Packs should be able to see the full form.
  5. Participation book totals: On the participation book, tent nights and service hours were being miscalculated and displayed incorrectly. This has been fixed and the correct amount of totals will be displayed correctly.
  6. Minimally crashing features: A small group of users reported crashing dashboards, crashing equipment items, some percent complete calculations were failing, newsletters with certain type of assignments were failing to send, and an error processing inbound email. This has all been fixed as it was identified as crucial for this small group of users.

We have added the following requested features this past week:

  1. Signup sheet links in newsletter emails: The "assignment" section of the newsletter now automatically includes a link to sign up sheets. This way troop members are able to sign up directly from the newsletter instead of having to find the original sign up email.
  2. Reinstate deleted money accounts: Previously when troops accidentally deleted a money account within TroopTrack, that data was lost for good. Now we can recover that information if requested. Simply ask TroopTrack support if you ever experience an accidentally deleted money account.
  3. Event description tooltip on the calendar: Now when you hover over a calendar event on the calendar the event description is popped up so troop members can read the event description without having to click.
  4. Member Spreadsheet: We have added new functionality to the member spreadsheet. It now also includes members registration numbers. This member spreadsheet can now be found in the reports section of the quick nav within TroopTrack.
  5. BSA Membership Application Form: TroopTrack has the functionality for BSA units only to pre-populate the BSA Membership Application. Members can now print their BSA membership applications from their dashboard. Parents can do this for themselves or for their scout(s).

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