Announcing TroopTrack’s Newly Launched and Revamped Mobile App

TroopTrack’s newest version, TroopTrack 4, is now completely live. TroopTrack 4 was a big effort, but we’re not stopping there.

What’s next? How about the mobile app? Shouldn’t it get an update too?

Nope. An update isn’t enough. It needed a total makeover and that’s exactly what it got. Announcing the new TroopTrack mobile application, available now in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Here are a couple of important things we would like to point out about the new mobile app:

  1. It’s free!

  2. It’s full-featured. Yup, that’s right it has full functionality. If you can do it on the web, you can do it on the app.

  3. It looks exactly like the web version of TroopTrack, so there’s no learning curve switching between the web and the app.

Important note: The iOS version will get installed when you update the app, but the Android version will need to be deleted and reinstalled.

Old versions of the app are no longer supported and will not work.

When creating the new mobile app we kept our troops and users in mind. We hope you like the updated TroopTrack mobile app. We have big plans for it.

If you have any questions, experience trouble, or want to provide feedback on anything to do with the mobile app, please post it in the community in the “TroopTrack mobile” category, right here:


The TroopTrack Team