Product Update: Announcing TroopTrack’s New Chat Feature 💬 and Much More

The TroopTrack team hopes everyone is doing well and staying safe. As always, the safety of our scouts, volunteers, employees and communities is our top priority. As we monitor and adjust to the ever–changing Coronavirus pandemic, TroopTrack is determined to provide the tools that scout groups need to stay in contact and move forward. 

As part of that mission, we are excited to announce our new chat feature! Introducing TroopTrack Chatterboxes!

Although it is still a feature in beta we thought it was an important time to improve troop communication for all our TroopTrack groups. Troops/Packs/Units/Groups can enable chat by going to Settings "⚙" > Edit Troop Settings > TroopTrack Settings > toggle chat on and get to chatting!

Keep in mind, chat is a beta feature and things may not work, look unappealing, and even dysfunctional. Your feedback is absolutely crucial and we invite you to leave it on the "Beta: Chatterboxes" thread on the TroopTrack Community

Our team has been busy at work improving TroopTrack. We would like to share some of the other noteworthy features and bug fixes that have happened over the past month.

New Features

  1. Troop-wide and one-on-one chat with the new Chatterbox feature. You can create and manage chat rooms with the Chatterbox Privilege enabled.

  2. Notifications. Now on the TroopTrack mobile app and the website TroopTrack users now have a notification center. In the notification center you will see notifications for:

    1. New Announcements

    2. New Files

    3. New Photos

    4. New Chat Messages

    5. New Lists

    6. New Checklist

    7. New Signup sheet

    8. New Member Applications (if privilege is enabled)

    9. Event Starts

    10. Money Account Low Balance

    11. Money Account Changes

    12. Equipment Check-in/out

    13. Library Check-in/out

    14. User Assignments

  3. Calendar Functionality

    1. National Holidays on calendar

    2. Click on day to start event on that day

    3. Return to same month from edited event

    4. Updated calendar integrations

  4. Attachments are now handled within the text editor

  5. New “Action” menu for all action items within tables

  6. Payment orders and description on Manage Orders page

  7. Dynamic Meeting Invitations. The way TroopTrack handled inviting members to events has been redesigned. This fixes the multiple listings of members on events. It is a new way of inviting members to events, and in the background, it is a new way of handling members that are invited to events. To enable this new feature go to Settings "⚙" > Edit Troop Settings > TroopTrack Settings > Toggle on dynamic meeting invitations. Once that is enabled, you will notice a new way of inviting members to events on every new event. It will not change existing or past events, but only new events. You will know when the new dynamic meeting invitation and members is enabled because you will see a new members tab on the event creation page.

Improvements/Bug Fixes

  1. New email design

  2. Library Privilege fix

  3. Drag and drop unassigned

  4. Email achievement reports

  5. View mobile tables

  6. Event service hours fix

  7. Merit badge counselor PDF

  8. Mobile uploads in text editor fix

  9. Mobile pop up and button fix

  10. CSV download for public events

  11. Fundraisers fix

  12. Alerts fix

  13. Meeting schedules edit/deleting fix

  14. Edit Troop Settings redesign

  15. Date picker fix

  16. Eagle progress report fix

  17. Paypal integration updated

  18. Website membership application fix

Contact Us

If you have any ideas about features you'd like to see added next to TroopTrack, make sure you post them to or if you have any other site feedback, please post to


The TroopTrack Team