Announcing TroopTrack’s New Referral Program and Much More

The TroopTrack team hopes everyone is doing well and staying safe. The latest release of TroopTrack includes new features and lots of fixes to make your experience better than ever.

Save 50% on your group’s TroopTrack subscription

Do you know someone in scouting who could benefit from TroopTrack? TroopTrack has recently launched a new referral program. Share TroopTrack with your fellow friends in scouting and earn 50% off of your own troop’s year subscription. Plus those you refer get a link to 10% off of TroopTrack for their own troop! It's a win-win! Click on “your name” in the top navigation bar, then click on “Your Referrals” to get started.

Here are some additional new TroopTrack features and other enhancements we have made over the past month:

New Features

  1. NEW personal notification controls

  2. NEW Medical Book

  3. TroopTrack Demos - Now within your 30-day trial you can schedule a live video call demo with one of our support team members.

  4. Achievement Book Improvements

  5. View orders within your own household

  6. NEW Privilege, Edit User Profiles

  7. Updated membership application form

  8. Deactivate and activate whole households

Improvements/Bug Fixes

  1. Stripe Integration improvements and fixes

  2. Rank requirements duplicates

  3. “Reply All” on emails now works correctly

  4. Zero Balance Money account notification fix

  5. Announcement notification fix

  6. Windows Live email design has been fixed

  7. RSVP Options fixed when using Dynamic Meeting Invitations

  8. RSVP refund / non-payment fix

  9. Badge Book Ranks for Cub Scouts

  10. Editing Leadership improvements

  11. Mobile calendar redesign

  12. Award stuck on calculating fix

  13. Custom awards in individual progress

  14. View Money Accounts privilege fix

  15. Bulk progress member selection fix

  16. Event money account creation fix

  17. Invite new members fix

  18. Updated Scout Rank requirements

  19. Theme styling fixes

Contact Us

If you have any ideas about features you'd like to see added next to TroopTrack, make sure you post them to or if you have any other site feedback, please post to


The TroopTrack Team